APF Missio

APF Mill-Hill (Missio Red Boxes)

There are currently upwards of 80 box holders in the Parish. These boxes are collected twice annually by 12 promoters. The promoters collect the monies, issue magazines & calendars and keep the box holders up to date via newsletters with details of events. 60 box holders have registered their contributions for 'Gift Aid'.

In the last 12 months £2,209.32 was collected and this was topped up by £406.56 by use of Gift Aid. This totalled £2,615.88 which St. Pauls Parish members have donated to assist APF-Mill Hill with their works on the Missions. If there are any existing or new Parish member(s) who would like to become a box holder(s), or anyone who wishes to help by becoming a Promoter, please get in touch with Mike Gornall at the Parish office – telephone 01302 535800 - on Tuesday’s between 9am and 3pm or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will be happy to assist.

Tea, Coffee & Biscuits

Tea and coffee available in the Church Hall after Mass on  most Sundays. 

See newsletter for details


The collection last week raised £376.

The total for standing orders received during January as £3,137.50.

Thank you