’Children, our love must be not just words or mere talk, but something active and genuine.’’ John 1. 3:18

Please keep our parish family in your prayers, with the hope that we may be able to worship together soon.

Welcome to St Paul's Parish, Cantley

Father Evangelist


Welcome to the St Paul's RC Church Cantley website. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and invite you to contact us or to join us at any of our masses.

Thoughts and Prayers Color

Please pray for:

Rachael Jackson, Deacon Lloyd Edwards, Lisa Beaumont, Jean Harrison, Gerry Togher , Carole Watson, Anne-Mair Pickering, Kay O’Reilly, Jim & Tricia Herring, Catherine Ovenden, Ivy Thornton, Desmond Jenkinson, Susanne Blatherwick, Rowena and Colin Ball, Christine Hornsby, Bernie & Eugene Fox, Veronica Whittington, Sheila Lynch, Yvonne Sewell, Ellen Newbitt, George Cooper, Lisa Thompson, Benjamin Bates, Alice Whitehouse, Suzanne Wynne & family & Ryan Chilvers.

RIP 300

Rest In Peace  


Sadly died on Thursday 7th July.

Prior to his retirement Father Denis was parish priest at SS Joseph and Teresa parish at Woodland from 2001 until 2018.

The body of Fr Denis will be brought to the parish of St Joseph and St Teresa at Woodlands on Wednesday evening, 10 August, where a Vigil Mass will be celebrated at 6pm.

On Thursday morning 11 August, his body will be transferred to the parish of St Peter in Chains, Doncaster.

The Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 11am.

Fr Denis will be buried at Wombwell Cemetery at 2-30pm.

May he rest in peace.






A Message from CAFOD

Thank you for your support of CAFOD’s work.

For many years the parish of Christ the King in Rossington has prayed, collected donations, and supported CAFODs campaigns, remaining in solidarity with those who are suffering from poverty and hunger.

62 years ago, following the inspiration of Catholic women’s groups, the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales made CAFOD an official charity.

Thanks to the generous support of our Catholic parishes, we have been able to support thousands of people in 35 countries around the world. But hunger is on the increase again everywhere. Our global food system is leaving millions hungry.

The pandemic, climate change, and war in Ukraine are making food shortages much worse, and the poorest and most fragile communities are suffering the most.

We need your help now, we need someone to volunteer to be the CAFOD rep in the parish of Christ the King, to share information about our campaigns and help the parish priest.

Pope Francis has called on everyone to transform our food system. He says solidarity involves creating a mindset that thinks “in terms of community and the priority of life of all over the appropriation of goods by a few.

Lord Jesus, You come to us as bread and wine. Fill us with your compassion. Nourish us as we advocate for change and seek to make your Kingdom a reality in our World.

For information about volunteering for CAFOD contact Angela Powell apowell@cafod.org.uk or telephone 07779804247 or 303 303 3030.

Please continue to pray for the mission entrusted to CAFOD and the people we help.

Formation and Mission, Synodiality and Spirituality

One strand of synod responses from across the Diocese was about formation, asking for opportunities for learning about and deepening our faith.

We are happy to support faith Formation in any way we can and are gathering a Directory of people who offer Spiritual Accompaniment i.e. someone who can talk with you about your prayer life and faith.

See the Diocesan website: hallam-diocese.com.

In addition, there are a number of courses/opportunities to enter into this more deeply:

1. Ignatian Spirituality Centre Glasgow: Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living - Online Course via Zoom

2. Training in Spiritual Conversation and Personal and Spiritual Development; two courses from St Bede's Pastoral Centre, York:

Spiritual Conversation Course

Personal & Spiritual Development Course

3. Llysfasi Spirituality Workshop Foxhill House and Woodlands, From Friday 12th August to Monday 29th August 2022.

Spirituality Workshop

4. Retreats in Daily Life are also available, and we hope soon to have a register of online prayer groups which are open to new praying members.

Do not be discouraged from any of these because of the cost; get in touch as bursaries may be available.

You can contact us at formation-mission@hallam-diocese.com

Parish Donations

We are extremely grateful, not only for your financial support, but also to the volunteers who help in so many ways over the last 2+ years.

Your valued ongoing support to the Parish can be made through the following options:

Gift Aid and Offertory Envelopes - the new offertory envelopes are now available for collection in the church entrance hall at Cantley.

If you have recently moved into the parish or would prefer to use an Offertory Envelope, please speak to a Welcomer, who will assist you with your request.

Standing Order – Attached to this newsletter is the standing order and Gift Aid form for donations to St. Paul’s Parish.

Please indicate on this form if you are not a tax payer but would like to set up a standing order only.

This form, should be printed, completed, signed and returned to either your Bank or using the information on the form, to set up a standing order with your bank online.

The Gift Aid section should be completed and returned to Church or the Parish Office.

Contactless DonationsSt. Paul’s Only - have installed a ‘Digital Collection Plate’ contactless terminal in the Church entrance hall, allowing you to donate using a contactless debit/credit card, smartphone, or watch.

Simply enter the amount you wish to donate and hold your card (or device) to the reader.

You can also opt-in for Gift Aid to increase your donation by 25%. If you are a UK taxpayer then donating with Gift Aid means that we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 received.

Online Donations Portal via the parish website is available as an alternative.

The link is https://donate.mydona.com/st-pauls-cantley

Thank you for any help you can give, and God bless.

Returning to Mass - Sunday Obligation

Following the Spring Conference of the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, they have made an announcement on the "Sunday Obligation" as follows:

"Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, until the present time, we have shared with you our judgment that the situation of the last two years has meant that the Sunday Obligation has been impeded and has needed to be fulfilled in other ways.

We thank God that this situation has now changed. The pressing challenges of the pandemic have lessened significantly. Most people have resumed the wide range of normal activities, no longer restricted by the previous Covid measures. We therefore believe that the reasons which have prevented Catholics from attending Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation no longer apply.

We understand there will still be some members of our congregations who, for reasons of health, do not feel safe enough to return to Mass.

It has always been the understanding of the Church that when the freedom of any Catholic to attend Mass in peson is impeded for a serious reason, because of situations such as ill health, care for the sick or legitimate fear, this is not a breach of the Sunday Obligation."

Live Streaming of  Mass

You are able to watch Mass via You Tube on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, smart tv or even an ordinary TV with a Firestick attachment.

Just search for You Tube in your browser or click onto the You Tube app.

In search box, type “St Paul’s Cantley” or “stpaulscantley”, hopefully a picture of the outside of the church or the stained glass window will appear, click on the picture.

Below the picture of the church is the word “SUBSCRIBE”, click on this word to become a subscriber.

Alternatively just click on the link below:

Livestream Mass

Simply select the Mass you would like to watch from the Stills listed. If you want to watch full screen, look to the bottom right hand corner of the stream and click on the icon that looks like a broken square (Full Screen).

All parishioners are warmly encouraged to spiritually join in with these celebrations.

Please join us at the following times:

Saturday - 6pm

Sunday - 10:30am

Wednesday - 9:30am

Friday - 7:30pm

Ongoing Rules for Worship - COVID19

The purpose of the meeting was to review the COVID restrictions.

Wearing of masks.

We still encourage the wearing of face masks in church. It is true it is no longer mandatory, but the virus has not gone away. While we encourage the wearing face masks, do not look at those who do wear masks as aliens from outer space.

The Priests and Eucharistic ministers will still be wearing face masks while distributing communion.


As the situation is gradually getting better, we do not need to leave the two side doors open during mass. The central door will be open, and the vents will be switched on.

Other churches like St Peter-in-Chains are following this practice. We can open the side doors if the church becomes too warm and we need to get in some fresh air.

Sign of Peace.

The sign of peace will not be reintroduced in its old format yet, so we will continue as currently for a while longer.

Holy Water Stoups.

We will reintroduce the Holy water stoups. The Holy water will be changed at least once every week.

Feel free to use it, but if you are not comfortable using it at this time, you have done nothing wrong.

Offertory Collection.

It has been suggested that we have a contactless offertory collection provision in church. This is not just for mass offering but also for baptisms, funerals, and weddings.

Many of us no longer carry cash, and as you know, I have always said why I love Tesco - every little helps!

Coffee Morning.

The Young at Heart group are keen on restarting the coffee morning after mass on Wednesdays as they did before the pandemic. It has also been suggested we have coffee in the parish hall after Mass on Sunday.

These ideas are welcomed, but we need volunteers to facilitate them. Please let us know if you want to help with making this happen.

Mass Times.

We intend to have an additional weekday Mass on Mondays (morning or evening), and to move the Friday evening Mass from 7.30 to either 6pm or 9am, (subject to the decision of the music group deciding the time for their practice).

Parish Social.

God willing, we intend to have a day of Thanksgiving sometime before the summer holidays.

This will be our first parish social for more than two years. Volunteers and suggestions are needed for this to be a success.

Mass Attendance.

There are some of us who are still a bit reluctant to attend weekend Masses.

Though we are not out of the woods yet, we are getting there. The church is as safe as could be, and we need you to come back.

If you know anyone who needs some encouragement to attend, please let us know. If it, is you that needs encouraging, please also let us know? Please encourage friends and family to start attending Mass if they have not already started.


Thank you for who you are and what you do for the parish community. Your presence at any of our Mass is much appreciated.

Thanks to all our volunteers who have kept oiling the wheel of progress in the parish. Please, your suggestions are highly welcomed, but please be charitable with your choice of words.

Father Evangelist

Service Times

Weekday Time Location
Saturday 18:00 Cantley
Sunday 9.00 Rossington
Sunday  10.30  Cantley
Monday 18:00 Cantley
Tuesday 9.15 Rossington
Wednesday 9.30 Cantley
Thursday 19.00 Rossington
Friday 9:30 Cantley



Supporting Local Food Banks

Thank you to everyone who continues to support this outreach venture.

As a result of the increases in the cost of living there is an increasing use of the Foodbank facilities.

The Foodbank stocks of UHT/long-life milk, tinned fruit, tinned meats, coffee, hot chocolate, tea, sugar, nappies, and toiletries are currently running low.

Synod 2021-2023

Pope Francis has asked every one of the People of God to let him know how things are for them in the church. He believes we are journeying together through life, finding ways to communicate the fundamental message of Jesus, to love one another in how we live our lives and in our words.

That is the meaning of the word ‘Synodal’ - it means “journeying together “.

Pope Francis has asked the Bishops of the world, to ask you and then tell him. You can do this with other people in the parish, with your families and friends and on your own.
Bishop Ralph will collect your thoughts and take them to a meeting of the Bishops of England and Wales and some of our bishops will then gather in Rome for a synod in 2023 to listen to what you are saying about our journeying together.

Pope Francis is asking you to pray to the Holy Spirit, to listen and discern.

You will be asked to respond to Pope Francis’s call in the coming weeks.

Synthesis Report of the Diocesan Phase

This Synthesis of the listening and discernment that has taken place in the diocese for the past six months has been submitted to the Bishops’ Conference. You can find a summary of what has been said, included with this weekends Parish Newsletter.

You will see that there is much about the Church that brings joy to people as well as much that we need to do to be a Church that allows and encourages all to respond to their baptismal calling.

For all informational documents relating to Synod 2021-2023 please see the new menu tab at the top of the parish homepage.

Useful Contacts

If you need help or support and you think that the Neighbourhood Centre can help then telephone:


or email neighbourhoodcentre1@gmail.com


If you have genuine concern for someone struggling with isolation, please contact Doncaster Council Contact:

Liza Hunter, Stronger Communities Officer – Bessacarr & Cantley

Tel: 01302 736930,

Mobile: 07770 620709,

Email: liza.hunter@doncaster.gov.uk


Citizens Advice Helpline: 0344994137

Finance - Standing Orders

Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, you can donate via standing order from your bank.

Email the office for a Standing Order Form. Remember to tick the Gift Aid Box if you are a UK Taxpayer.

Card Donations Online

Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, we still rely upon donations to help keep St Pauls going and to keep providing help and pastoral care to the members of our parish.

There is a new way of donating, we are now able to accept donations by debit and credit cards. If you wish to donate, please click on the link below: