’Children, our love must be not just words or mere talk, but something active and genuine.’’ John 1. 3:18

Please keep our parish family in your prayers, with the hope that we may be able to worship together soon.

Welcome to St Paul's Parish, Cantley

Father Evangelist


Welcome to the St Paul's RC Church Cantley website. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and invite you to contact us or to join us at any of our masses.

Thoughts and Prayers Color

Please pray for:

Anne-Mair Pickering, Kay O’Reilly, Jim &Tricia Herring, Catherine Ovenden, Ivy Thornton, Desmond Jenkinson, Susanne Blatherwick, Rowena and Colin Ball, Christine Hornsby, Bernie & Eugene Fox, Veronica Whittington, Sheila Lynch, Yvonne Sewell, Ellen Newbitt, George Cooper, Lisa Thompson, Elsie Murphy, Sioned Harper, Benjamin Bates, Alice Whitehouse, Suzanne Wynne & family and Ryan Chilvers,

RIP 300

Rest In Peace 


Sadly, Bob died on 24th December 2021 aged 85.

His Funeral Mass is to-morrow, Monday 17th January 2022 at 1.00 pm at St Paul’s followed by a committal at Rose Hill Crematorium at 2.30 pm.

May the angels lead Bob into paradise, may the martyrs come to welcome him and take him to the holy city, the new and eternal Jerusalem.




Funeral Mass will take place on Wednesday 26th January at 2pm at St Paul’s followed by a Service at Rose Hill Crematorium at 3pm.

Please continue remember Ethna and her grieving family at this sad time.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory. Amen.


Synod 2021-2023

Pope Francis has asked every one of the People of God to let him know how things are for them in the church. He believes we are journeying together through life, finding ways to communicate the fundamental message of Jesus, to love one another in how we live our lives and in our words.

That is the meaning of the word ‘Synodal’ - it means “journeying together “.

Pope Francis has asked the Bishops of the world, to ask you and then tell him. You can do this with other people in the parish, with your families and friends and on your own.
Bishop Ralph will collect your thoughts and take them to a meeting of the Bishops of England and Wales and some of our bishops will then gather in Rome for a synod in 2023 to listen to what you are saying about our journeying together.

Pope Francis is asking you to pray to the Holy Spirit, to listen and discern.

You will be asked to respond to Pope Francis’s call in the coming weeks.


The Synod 2023

Pope Francis has asked everyone of the People of God to let him know how things are for them in the church.

He believes we are all trying to journey together through life, finding ways to communicate the fundamental message of Jesus “to love one another“ in how we live our lives and in our words. That is the meaning of the word ‘synodal’ - it means journeying together.

St Paul’s is starting with the survey ‘Share your thoughts” which is on-line on the parish website but paper copies are also available in church. We invite you all to pray and then participate, as an individual or sharing with friends and family members. Your responses will be collated and sent to Bishop Ralph. The responses from the Dioceses around the country and across the world will ultimately be taken to Rome and shared in a synod.

“Let’s allow God’s words to Isaiah to speak to us: ‘Come, let us talk this over. Let us dare to dream’” (Let us Dream: The Path to a Better Future - Pope Francis)

Closing date for your responses is January 23rd

Please collect a Synod 2023 questionnaire from a steward as you arrive at church this weekend and take additional copies of the questionnaires for family, friends and neighbours and return either fully or partially completed questionnaires to church next weekend.

Your contribution is invaluable and will make a considerable difference to the future of the church in our diocese and across the world.

Live Streaming of  Mass from St Pauls Cantley

This new system.is now installed and we at the test stage which we anticipate will take a couple of weeks whilst we get used to the system and fine tune it.

You are able to watch Mass via You Tube on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, smart tv or even an ordinary TV with a Firestick attachment.

Just search for You Tube in your browser or click onto the You Tube app. In search box, type “St Paul’s Cantley” or “stpaulscantley”, hopefully a picture of the outside of the church or the stain glass window will appear, click on the picture.

Below the picture of the church is the word “SUBSCRIBE”, click on this word to become a subscriber.

Alternatively just click on the link below:

Livestream Mass

Simply select the Mass you would like to watch from the Stills listed. If you want to watch full screen, look to the bottom right hand corner of the stream and click on the icon that looks like a broken square (Full Screen).

All parishioners are warmly encouraged to spiritually join in with these celebrations.

Please join us at the following times:

Saturday - 6pm

Sunday - 10:30am

Wednesday - 9:30am

Friday - 7:30pm



Several parishes in the Diocese have recently suspended the Booking-in system for both weekday and weekend Masses as there is no longer a legal requirement to do so.

We now feel that this is an appropriate time to do the same at St. Paul’s.

It is still very important that we remain vigilant about the virus, and we would strongly recommend that you sanitize your hands as you enter and leave the church building.

The sign-of-peace remains suspended.

The offertory collection now takes place during Mass and Votive lights can be used again.

Parishioners wishing to receive Holy Communion on the tongue are asked to join the end of the priest’s queue and receive Holy Communion last.

Please be considerate of others.

Please stay away if you have any COVID-19 symptoms and get tested.

Finally, a big thank you to our team of COVID-19 Parish volunteers, who have operated the booking system, cleaned the church and the stewards who have welcomed you as you have attended church. They have worked tirelessly in helping to keep our parish community safe during this pandemic emergency.


St Paul's - Offertory Giving

The running costs of the parish have increased during the lockdown period with the extra expenditure on hand sanitising gel, cleaning materials, etc.

Please remember to leave your Offertory gift in one of the baskets available in the church entrance porch or near to the exit fire doors as you leave the church.

Alternatively, you can donate on line via DONA using either a debit or credit card.

Any amount can be donated via a link on the parish website:


or click here to go straight to the donation page:


Service Times

Weekday Time Location
Saturday 18:00 Cantley
Sunday 9.00 Rossington
Sunday  10.30  Cantley
Tuesday 9.15 Rossington
Wednesday 9.30 Cantley
Thursday 19.00 Rossington
Friday 19.30 Cantley



Supporting Local Food Banks

Thank you for generous contributions in support of the local Foodbank last weekend.

The following items are currently running low:- UHT/long-life milk, tinned fruit, tinned meats, coffee, and toiletries.

They would also have a need for duvets, pillows, towels and light bulbs.

Useful Contacts

If you need help or support and you think that the Neighbourhood Centre can help then telephone:


or email neighbourhoodcentre1@gmail.com


If you have genuine concern for someone struggling with isolation, please contact Doncaster Council Contact:

Liza Hunter, Stronger Communities Officer – Bessacarr & Cantley

Tel: 01302 736930,

Mobile: 07770 620709,

Email: liza.hunter@doncaster.gov.uk


Citizens Advice Helpline: 0344994137


Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, you can donate via standing order from your bank.

Email the office for a Standing Order Form. Remember to tick the Gift Aid Box if you are a UK Taxpayer.

Card Donations Online

Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, we still rely upon donations to help keep St Pauls going and to keep providing help and pastoral care to the members of our parish.

There is a new way of donating, we are now able to accept donations by debit and credit cards. If you wish to donate, please click on the link below: