’Children, our love must be not just words or mere talk, but something active and genuine.’’ John 1. 3:18

Happy New Year - Let's Help Each Other as Christ Would.

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Welcome to the St Paul's RC Church Cantley website. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and invite you to contact us or to join us at any of our masses.

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Bernie & Eugene Fox,Steve Herring, Frank McCabe (Moorends Parish), Veronica Whittington,Sheila Lynch, Yvonne Sewell, John Hardy, Ellen Newbitt, George Cooper, Tina George, Lisa Thompson, Elsie Murphy, Sioned Harper, Benjamin Bates, Alice Whitehouse, Deacon Derek & Suzanne Wynne & Ryan Chilvers.

RIP 300

Rest In Peace 

Prayers please also for Christine Gormley who passed away recently.

Please remember Christine and her family at this difficult time.

May she rest in Peace and Rise in Glory.


Live Streaming of  Mass from St Pauls Cantley

This new system.is now installed and we at the test stage which we anticipate will take a couple of weeks whilst we get used to the system and fine tune it.

You are able to watch Mass via You Tube on your computer, mobile phone, tablet, smart tv or even an ordinary TV with a Firestick attachment.

Just search for You Tube in your browser or click onto the You Tube app. In search box, type “St Paul’s Cantley” or “stpaulscantley”, hopefully a picture of the outside of the church or the stain glass window will appear, click on the picture.

Below the picture of the church is the word “SUBSCRIBE”, click on this word to become a subscriber.

Alternatively just click on the link below:

Livestream Mass

Simply select the Mass you would like to watch from the Stills listed. If you want to watch full screen, look to the bottom right hand corner of the stream and click on the icon that looks like a broken square (Full Screen).

All parishioners are warmly encouraged to spiritually join in with these celebrations.


Gospel Reflection

The Liturgy last week revealed the mystery of God’s plan—that in Jesus all peoples, symbolized by the magi, have been made “co-heirs” to the blessings promised to Israel. This week, we’re shown how we claim our inheritance.

Jesus doesn’t submit to John’s baptism as a sinner in need of purification. He humbles Himself to pass through Jordan’s waters in order to lead a new “exodus”—opening up the promised land of heaven so that all peoples can hear the words pronounced over Jesus today, words once reserved only for Israel and its king: that each of us is a beloved son or daughter of God.

Jesus is the chosen servant Isaiah prophesies in today’s First Reading, anointed with the Spirit to make things right and just on earth. God puts His Spirit upon Jesus to make Him “a covenant of the people,” the liberator of the captives, the light to the nations. Jesus, today’s Second Reading tells us, is the One long expected in Israel, “anointed with the Holy Spirit and power.”

The word Messiah means “one anointed” with God’s Spirit. King David was “the anointed of the God of Jacob”. The prophets taught Israel to await a royal offshoot of David, upon whom the Spirit would rest.

That’s why people of the whole Judean countryside and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem were going out to John. But it isn’t John they’re looking for. God confirms with His own voice what the Angel earlier told Mary—Jesus is the Son of the Most High, come to claim the throne of David forever.

In the Baptism that He brings, the voice of God will hover over the waters as fiery flame, as we sing in today’s Psalm. He has sanctified the waters, made them a passage—a way to healing and freedom—a fountain of new birth and everlasting life

Scott Hahn

Prayer and Reflection
Celia Bermingham

We hear the last words spoken by Mary and they are well worth remembering and not only in this context.




The love between Mary and Jesus was absolute, trusting and confident and this is what we should be striving for. As we grow in our personal relationship with God, with Jesus in prayer, we shall be prepared and willing to do whatever He suggests, wants, asks, desires.

Mary knew this. She passed on this trust to the servants. When we are loved and when we love totally, we become free. We are open to whatever our lover desires and longs for. We are absolutely in their hands. Our Lover, God, can ask what he wants and we are open to his suggestions and are willing to fulfil them, in love, in trust, in union with him.

This is the acceptance, the realization and the establishment of our relationship with God.
This is the moment of total freedom, as we submit in love and our being becomes fully one with God.
This is the moment of deepest intimacy, the climax hoped for, the summit of our loving relationship.
This is the marriage between lovers, one Divine and one simple human being.

This is the moment of resting, of being with and in oneness with the Lover. Familiarity and confidence pervade the prayer. We now have total union with the One we love. We are one with the God who loves us. We become one with the One who loves us. This is the fulfilment of our searching. This is why God wants us to search for him in prayer.
Union is the reward. Union now. Union for all eternity.
To climb these six steps,


towards adulthood in prayer, using Mary’s words, should be our goal, our ambition and our hope for, by climbing them, we shall find God.


Most of this is done in silence, alone without words, without repetition, without books, without long words, without constant begging or petitioning.



It’s a two-way thing but God is in the driving seat and we are the learners.


Listen to these last words spoken by Mary: “Do whatever he tells you.”
And then ask the question, “Do I listen?”
How do I know what God wants of me?
How can I know what God’s will is for me?
Say these words: ”Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening,” and do just that!

And, just as an after-thought,

The word SILENT is an anagram of LISTEN.
In silent prayer let us listen to God.

St Paul's - Offertory Giving

The running costs of the parish have increased during the lockdown period with the extra expenditure on hand sanitising gel, cleaning materials, etc.

Please remember to leave your Offertory gift in one of the baskets available in the church entrance porch or near to the exit fire doors as you leave the church.

Alternatively, you can donate on line via DONA using either a debit or credit card.

Any amount can be donated via a link on the parish website:


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Divine Mercy Service on Friday at 3pm


Useful Contacts

If you need help or support and you think that the Neighbourhood Centre can help then telephone: 


or email neighbourhoodcentre1@gmail.com


If you have genuine concern for someone struggling with isolation, please contact Doncaster Council Contact:

Liza Hunter, Stronger Communities Officer – Bessacarr & Cantley

Tel: 01302 736930,

Mobile: 07770 620709,

Email: liza.hunter@doncaster.gov.uk


Citizens Advice Helpline: 0344994137


Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, you can donate via standing order from your bank.

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Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, we still rely upon donations to help keep St Pauls going and to keep providing help and pastoral care to the members of our parish.

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