’Children, our love must be not just words or mere talk, but something active and genuine.’’ John 1. 3:18

Church Hall Hire

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Welcome to Cantley in Doncaster

Father Evangelist


Welcome to the St Paul's RC Church Cantley website. We hope you enjoy browsing our site and invite you to contact us or to join us at any of our masses.

Welcome to our new parish priest Father Evangelist Ohaejesi.

Father Evangelist joins us from his previous parish of St  Joseph's in Wath Upon Dearne.

Please pray for him as he begins his ministry in Cantley.

Thoughts and Prayers Color

Sheila Lynch, Margaret Dawson, Rowena Ball, Yvonne Sewell, John Hardy, Ellen Newbitt, George Cooper,Tina George, Lisa Thompson, Elsie Murphy, Sioned Harper, Eugene Fox, Benjamin Bates, Alice Whitehouse, Deacon Derek & Suzanne Wynne & Ryan Chilvers

RIP 300

Rest In Peace 

Please pray also for the repose of the soul of Ian Prior who sadly passed away on 3rd October 2020, remembering also his grieving family especially his wife Virginia, his children Alex, Nick and Francesca along with all other members of his family at this difficult time.

Requiescat in pace.


Sunday Reflection

Our Lord’s parable in today’s Gospel is again a fairly straightforward outline of salvation history.

God is the king, Jesus the bridegroom, the feast is the salvation and eternal life that Isaiah prophesies in today’s First Reading. The Israelites are those first invited to the feast by God’s servants, the prophets. For refusing repeated invitations and even killing His prophets, Israel has been punished, its city conquered by foreign armies.

Now, Jesus makes clear, God is sending new servants, His apostles, to call not only Israelites, but all people—good and bad alike—to the feast of His kingdom. This an image of the Church, which Jesus elsewhere compares to a field sown with both wheat and weeds, and a fishing net that catches good fish and bad.

We have all been called to this great feast of love in the Church, where, as Isaiah foretold, the veil that once separated the nations from the covenants of Israel has been destroyed, where the dividing wall of enmity has been torn down by the blood of Christ.

As we sing in today’s Psalm, the Lord has led us to this feast, refreshing our souls in the waters of Baptism, spreading the table before us in the Eucharist. As Paul tells us in today’s Epistle, in the glorious riches of Christ, we will find supplied whatever we need.

And in the rich food of His body, and the choice wine of His blood, we have a foretaste of the eternal banquet in the heavenly Jerusalem, when God will destroy death forever.

But are we dressed for the feast, clothed in the garment of righteousness? Not all who have been called will be chosen for eternal life, Jesus warns. Let us be sure that we’re living in a manner worthy of the invitation we’ve received.

Scott Hahn

Live Streaming of  Mass from St Marie's Cathedral

Masses celebrated by the Cathedral clergy will be livestreamed on the website, click on the link below:

Livestream Mass

Sunday Mass will be at 11.00am

Weekday Mass will be at 8.00am.

They will be available to watch for the rest of the day.

All parishioners are warmly encouraged to spiritually join in with these celebrations.

How to Book a Place at Mass

To book a place(s) at your preferred Mass you can either send an e-mail to


Send a text or leave a telephone message to 077 88 48 73 57 and provide your name, the number of people attending from your household, the day and time of Mass.

Currently this weekend we still have some seats available without pre-booking. It would be helpful if you could please arrive at the Church 10 minutes before the start of Mass and a steward will be available to take your details as part of the contact and trace procedure.

Finally, a special thank you to all our stewards. Without you we could not have our Mass in our parish.

Mandatory Face Coverings in Churches

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales (CBCEW) has now updated and issued guidance to the clergy, including the following additions to the previous guidelines which are directly relevant to laity attending Mass:

Face coverings will be mandatory in Places of Worship
from Saturday 8 August 2020.

Parishioners attending churches should bring face coverings with them, and wear them in church unless they are exempt from doing so.

This is for the good of all who gather in the church for Mass as it is an enclosed public space where there are people from differing households who they do not normally meet.

Worshippers should limit their interactions with anyone they are not attending church with, i.e. if they are attending corporate worship with one other household, wherever possible they should maintain social distancing with anyone outside of this group.

Readers should sanitise their hands before and after reading and should avoid touching the microphones or the Lectionary during the Liturgy of the Word.
Readers may remove their face coverings at the lectern to read and should replace them before stepping away from it, providing the lectern is sufficiently distant from the congregation.

Priests in the sanctuary, providing they are sufficiently distant (2 metres or more) from the congregation do not need to wear a face covering except when distributing Holy Communion.

Other ministers in the sanctuary should wear face coverings and remain socially distant from the celebrant.
Unless otherwise instructed by the priest or stewards, a communicant should unloop their face covering and with arms at ‘full stretch’ extend their hands as flatly as possible, palms upwards, one of top of the other, to receive Holy Communion.
They should then immediately consume the Sacred Host and replace their face covering immediately thereafter.

St Paul's - Offertory Giving

The running costs of the parish have increased during the lockdown period with the extra expenditure on hand sanitising gel, cleaning materials, etc.

Please remember to leave your Offertory gift in one of the baskets available in the church entrance porch or near to the exit fire doors as you leave the church.

Alternatively, you can donate on line via DONA using either a debit or credit card.

Any amount can be donated via a link on the parish website:


or click here to go straight to the donation page:


Service Times

Weekday Time Location
Saturday 18:00 Cantley






Tuesday 09:15 Rossington
Wednesday 09:30 Cantley
Thursday 19:00 Rossington
Friday 19.30 Cantley

The Mass on Wednesday at 9.30am is for those parishioners who are aged 70+ or who are vulnerable. 

Useful Contacts

If you need help or support and you think that the Neighbourhood Centre can help then telephone: 


or email neighbourhoodcentre1@gmail.com


If you have genuine concern for someone struggling with isolation, please contact Doncaster Council Contact:

Liza Hunter, Stronger Communities Officer – Bessacarr & Cantley

Tel: 01302 736930,

Mobile: 07770 620709,

Email: liza.hunter@doncaster.gov.uk


Citizens Advice Helpline: 0344994137

200 Club Winners

Please find below the winners of the 200 club draw:


£50 J Broadhead 097

£20 A Chapman 046

£20 K Hickey 126


£50  J Laurens 083

£20  A Fox 065

£20  B O'Brien 047

Please contact Garry Thickett if you have any queries


Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, you can donate via standing order from your bank.

Email the office for a Standing Order Form. Remember to tick the Gift Aid Box if you are a UK Taxpayer.

Card Donations Online

Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, we still rely upon donations to help keep St Pauls going and to keep providing help and pastoral care to the members of our parish.

There is a new way of donating, we are now able to accept donations by debit and credit cards. If you wish to donate, please click on the link below: