Why Pay By Standing Order?

If you decide to give by Standing order then there is no need to put anything on the collection plate. You and God know your planned giving and that is what matters. Currently 52% of parishioners here at St Paul’s use this means of supporting our Parish.

Advantages of Using Standing Orders

  • Giving by standing order is enormously helpful to the church, the finance committee and you.
  • It make administration much easier by not having to open, count and record envelopes and keep them for 6 years.
  • It is more secure than taking cash to the bank.
  • It helps the finance committee to judge the cash flow situation making the job easier and minimises bank charges.
  • Standing orders mean no more last minute desperate searches for cash to put in the envelopes.
  • Standing orders mean that if you forget the envelope, but still put money on the plate, the Church is entitled to the Gift Aid refund from the government.

How do I increase my Standing Order?

Simply contact you bank and ask them to increase the amount. You do not need to tell anyone at the church.

Can I cancel the Order if circumstance change?

Simply contact you bank and ask them to cancel the Standing Order.

You can download the Gift Aid Application Form here.


Collection for Sunday 15th March raised £136.65.

The second collection for Cafod raised £132.35.

Many thanks.