The name implies a strengthening, a confirming, of one’s Faith, through the Holy Spirit, so as to become a witness to Christ. It happened to the Apostles at Pentecost. It is a permanent state, and the gifts and graces are available as we need them, throughout life. Young people of 14/15 are invited to apply for preparation. The choice to become a witness to Christ in the Church is explained; it is made after mature consideration. The Sacrament is conferred by Bishop Ralph at a special Mass one weekday evening.

Adults are prepared through the Journey of Faith programme (or RCIA.) This takes place in the autumn, continuing until Eastertide. Here is given an opportunity to listen to a presentation of the Catholic Faith, ask questions, and share faith. Candidates are then invited to join the Church in Full Communion, and be Confirmed, at the Vigil Service on Holy Saturday.


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