Holy Orders

The Church exists to continue the work of Jesus throughout history. Jesus was a priest, offering himself on the Cross as the sacrifice that saved mankind. Baptism makes everyone a sharer to some extent in the priesthood of Christ. But besides sharing in this common priesthood of Christ, some Christians are called to share in the Ministerial priesthood, to preach the Gospel, to preside at worship, and be caring shepherds of Gods people.

This ordained priesthood consists of Bishops, Priest, and Deacons. Bishops have the ' fullness' of Holy Orders; priests are co-workers with the Bishop, running parishes in his Diocese. Deacons perform ministries of charity, baptise, and do funerals and marriages. Our Bishop, is Bishop Ralph, whose Cathedral is St. Marie's, in Sheffield.

There is a need today for more priests and deacons. Every man should, at some time, consider whether God is calling him to Holy Orders. If he feels he may have a vocation, he should talk to a priest, or the Vocations Director. If accepted as a candidate by the Bishop, he embarks on a four year (minimum) training course at one of our four Seminaries in England, or a fifth in Rome.


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