Church Hall Hire

Please contact Izabela Hartshorn on 07876 363431 or on

Good Luck and Goodbye

Christian who has been staying in the parish for the last 6 months is leaving us next week to continue his studies at Oscott Seminary to become a priest for our Diocese.

He has been a great support not only to Father Evangelist, but also to the Neighbourhood Centre.

Please remember Christian in your prayers and we look forward to his ordination to the priesthood in 3 year’s time.

Parish Administrator

Mike Gornall is retiring from his role as parish secretary/administrator, a position he has held for the last 9 years supporting both Fr Bernard and more recently Father Evangelist. Thanks for all your hard work Mike.

Ernie Godward has taken over from Mike’s. We wish him the best of luck in his new post.

Neighbourhood Centre

The pop up shop is open every Wednesday and Friday between noon and 1 pm, in front of the Centre.

Last week the Pop Up Foodbank supported 50 families and individuals who are experiencing hardship.

If you are able to support this invaluable outreach venture with donations – food and/or money - please bring it along on a Wednesday or Friday between 12noon and 1pm or drop them off at the Church.

Neighbourhood Centre new telephone contact number 07973 401399

Your Stories

We’d love to hear your news. Please send any items you wish to share to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave at the Presbytery

Caritas Counselling

We understand the challenges and disruption COVID 19 is having on the quality of life and mental health.

We offer support in managing anxiety as we leave lockdown; coping with working from home; uncertainty in a changing society; social distancing and loneliness.

We are now able to offer Counselling for Men by Men!

Our regular quality assurance reviews guarantee high standards of service by our practitioners. You do not have to go through this alone.

Please contact Bernie Ware : 07980 406198

Online Donations & Opening Times

Offertory Donations

During the lockdown a number of parishioners have wondered how to make their usual offertory donations if they don't use standing orders.

We are happy to announce that it is now possible to donate to the parish using either a debit or credit card. Any amount can be donated via a link on the parish website:

or click here to go straight to the donation page:

The handling agency makes a small charge of 2.4% that is deducted from the amount you give, so if you donate £10 the parish receives £9.76 and there are no other charges either for you or the parish.

During the lockdown the parish expenses continued, but our income has reduced considerably. If you are able to either set up a new standing order/increase an existing one or make use of this new payment facility it would be appreciated.

Contact Mike on 07840541645 if you want details for a new standing order.

Opening Times

As Masses are resuming, the Church will now be open 3.00 to 4.00pm Monday to Saturday for private prayer. n.b. not open Sunday pm.

Answers from Father Evangelist

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

There have been a few questions after my last email.

The first is about the dispensation from the Bishop's conference.

The dispensation from the Sunday obligation is still valid. If one is able to attend Mass during the weekdays and not on over the weekend, or if one is not able to attend Mass because of instruction from the government or the health department, the person is dispensed from the Sunday obligation.

The second is about music in church during Mass.

There will be no singing at mass, but there may be occasions in the near future where a member of the music group plays an instrument but not the organ, or a recorded music may sometimes be used.

If there are other things that need clarification, please let us know. We want to get it right for our parish.

God bless.

Fr. Evangelist

Convent Closed

We have been advised that in view of the current problems the Convent is CLOSED to visitors.

Visitors will not be able to attend any Masses there with immediate effect.

Nor will the prayer group meet there.

Online Newsletter

If you have been experiencing difficulty in accessing the Parish weekly newsletter on line, this issue can be overcome by first downloading Adobe Reader, onto your computer, ipad or laptop.

The software is free of charge.

St Paul's Music Ministry

As you may have noticed over the last few months we don't have as many musicians or cantors to call upon to cover services at the weekends or special occasions such as Lent, Easter and Christmas.

If you can play an instrument, especially the organ or piano, or you are willing to sing as a cantor please let me know.

At the moment it is only to cover when people are away although you would be welcome to join us anytime.

Please contact John Neary on 01302 537961 or 07855 643122

Prayer Intentions

If you have a special prayer intention or need, please leave a written request in the post box in the Church Entrance Hall for inclusion in the Bidding Prayers or included in the Holy Hour Service on a Friday or at meeting of our Prayer Groups.

Our Future - Our Children!

Volunteers are urgently needed for the role of catechists for the Holy Communion children.

Kindly contact Fr Evangelist or Deacons Chris and Bill if interested

Emails to Father Bernard


Another Bernard O’Brien is receiving a lot of unwanted emails. Father Bernard’s address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Don’t forget the ’s’

Receiving Communion

The Parish Council asked for information on this.

There are three methods – in the hand, on the tongue, or by intinction.

The directive of the Bishops’ Conference for England and Wales reads: if Communion under both kinds is given by intinction (which is not recommended in England and Wales) the communicant may choose to receive under the form of bread only. When communion in the form of intinction is given, the following formula is said, “The Body and Blood of Christ” and the communicant responds “Amen”.

Intinction can only be administered by a minister and may not be self-administered.

Liturgical Changes

The Bishops have announced that 2 Holy Days of Obligation, the Epiphany and the Ascension of Our Lord, will in future be observed on January 6th and the Thursday after the 6th Sunday of Easter – restoring these two feasts of Our Lord to weekdays, as they used to be.


If you wish to continue to support the Foodbank during the Coronavirus outbreak you can make a donation by text or via Mastercard.

For further information click on the following link:

Trussell Trust Donation and follow the instructions.

Alternatively, you can send a donation by post to:

Doncaster Foodbank c/o Mrs Shirley Donnelly,
Trussell Trust Foodbank,
Christ Church,
Thorne Road,
DN1 2HG.

The Foodbank still has a collection point at the Tesco Extra Supermarket at Balby.

The 200 Club

See Newsletter for winners.

Please remember to notify any change of address via the office or one of the Deacons.

After many years of service Angela & Paul Linney are handing over the administration of the 200 Club to Garry Thickett. We thank you both for all your hard work.

If you are interested in joining the scheme he can be contacted on 01302 539157 or

Membership is £2 monthly by standing order.

Further information can be found on the parish website under 'Parish Life'


Sick and Housebound

If you know anybody who is sick or housebound and would like to receive Holy Communion please contact Father Evangelist or Deacons Bill and Chris.



Standing Order Forms

We are having a drive to increase the numbers of parishioners who can give their collection by Standing Order.

The forms are in the Porch – and include, for those who pay tax, a Gift Aid declaration. There are benefits both for yourselves and for us.

Thank you for your continuing generosity.

Parish Website

Please note the new web address for the website is

We also have a new email address linked to the web site:

If you would like anything adding to the Website please contact Dave George via email:

Gift Aid Donations

If you are a tax payer but do not currently gift aid your donations please consider doing so, as they will then be worth an additional 25% to the parish.

Gift aid declarations are available in the entrance hall and may be completed at any time during the tax year and returned to Fr Evangelist or Deacons Bill & Chris.

Parish Group Emails

If you have not already joined our Parish Group E-Mail system.

All you have to do is to send an e-mail with your name, address and e-mail address to

You will then receive occasional e-mails regarding forthcoming events, times of Masses and Services at Christmas, Holy Week and Easter, etc.

We promise that your e-mail address will not be disclosed to any third party.

Going in to Hospital

Due to strict data protection rules, it is essential, that when you go into hospital, to indicate on your details or those of your relative are passed on to the Catholic Chaplain.

Also state that you or your relative would like the Catholic Chaplain to visit you.

The Chaplain visits the wards during the week and an on-call service in case of emergency is available.


Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, you can donate via standing order from your bank.

Email the office for a Standing Order Form. Remember to tick the Gift Aid Box if you are a UK Taxpayer.

Card Donations Online

Whilst you may not be able to donate in person, we still rely upon donations to help keep St Pauls going and to keep providing help and pastoral care to the members of our parish.

There is a new way of donating, we are now able to accept donations by debit and credit cards. If you wish to donate, please click on the link below: