Church Hall Hire

Please contact Izabela Hartshorn on 07876 363431 or on

Information about Pilgrimages to Walsingham, Padley and Knock is available on the notice board in the church porch or on our website.


Thank you for the donations last weekend, which total 37.4kgs.

We understand from the Foodbanks that the demand for their services are have increased in demand especially from Low Income Families along with people affected by benefit changes and delays.

Currently stocks of tinned meat, tinned tomatoes, tinned fruit, breakfast cereals and drinking chocolate are running low.

Diary Dates - At a Glance  

HOLY HOUR - Every Friday at 3pm

 Day Trip to Scarborough - 22nd July 2019
Parish Social - 28th September 2019
Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine - 20th September 2019

Pie and Pea Supper – 2nd October 2019

Parish Autumn Social – 17th November 2019

Neighbourhood Centre Christmas Fayre – 23rd November 2019

Seniors Christmas Lunch – 7th December 2019

The 200 Club

The ‘BUMPER DRAW’ for June is as follows:-

No 45 A Gorman. £100
No 53. J Laurens. £100
No 76. Convent of Mercy. £50
No. 33. J Carroll. £50

Thanks for your continued support.

Please remember to notify any change of address via the office or one of the Deacons.

If anyone else would like to join the '200 Club', please give your contact details to Deacon Bill or Deacon Chris. 200 Club forms are available for this purpose in the church porch.

Membership is £2 monthly by standing order.

Further information can be found on the parish website under 'Parish Life'


Job Vacancies

Please visit the JOB VACANCIES Tab for regular updates.



Parish Website

Please note the new web address for the website is

We also have a new email address linked to the web site:

If you would like anything adding to the Website please contact Dave George via email:

Tea, Coffee & Biscuits

Tea and coffee available in the Church Hall after Mass on  most Sundays. 

See newsletter for details


The collection last week raised £389.

Thank you